Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 1, 2005-September 30, 2008

We may be gone, however, that shouldn't stop you from visiting the new tenants...late at night...and drunk.

Seth, Jason, and David have moved on to their Peace Corps assignments.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 26th Party: Now with 100% more theme

After three years, it's time to have one last party. You'll either be there, or regret not coming...though you'll probably regret coming once Seth, David, and Jason start being "hilarious".

When: 9pm

What we will serve: Memories...and chips

What to bring: Anything you stole from previous parties.

Why: We're moving out of one of the best houses ever and we've got one last chance to get David laid. Plus, we're pretty proud of all the themes we've come up with.

What to wear: Take your pick. Choose your favorite theme from one of our parties and go nuts (Max, please reprise your costume from the Spy Party).

Whom to invite: Everyone, this is their last chance to marvel at our unique combination of moderately offensive, totally unfunny humor.

Whom to not invite: This guy.

In case you've forgotten any of our party themes, here they are:
Spy Party
1950s Office Holiday Party
Buffalo, NY Party
All Star Game/Hot Dog Eating Contest
Seattle SuperSonics Memorial Party
Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl
Ukrainian Party
Apple Cup Party
Polish Party
David's Birthday Party
24: The TV Show Watching Party
Accidental St. Patrick's Day Party
Arrested Development Watching Party
Chinese New Year Party
House Warming Party

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to an End

7502’s Final Party

Friday September 26, 2008

Don’t tell Seth

Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday parties for 29-year-olds...

When hip hop mogul Sean "P-Diddy" Combs turned 29 years old, he hosted an exclusive $600K bash at a NYC restaurant. Guests included Muhammed Ali, Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Bustah Rhymes, and the Duchess of York, amongst others...

Female rap artist Eve sipped Cristal with friends for her 29th at Tao, a Las Vegas hot spot...

Kevin Federline -- aspiring hip hop artist and ex-husband of Britney Spears -- rang in his 29th year with the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas...

But this guy doesn't want any of that, he wants to turn 29 (a prime number!) with YOU (and bottle of Bushmills).

Come swing by 7502 Winona on the evening of Friday, April 4th to celebrate the birth of Jason McDonald. We'll provide a firepit and the funny if you bring some beer... See you then!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Arizona 84, Washington 69

Went to watch today's game at The Dutchess, a mile north of the UW campus. (I know it's a mile because back in the olden days, bars were prohibited within a mile of the UW. The Dutchess, the Blue Moon, Red Robin, Dante's--they're all where they are because of that law).

My roommate and I made it in five minutes before they opened, but got a pitcher of Henry's anyway. Then, thanks to FSN, we settled in for 45 minutes of women's basketball.

The UNC/Maryland women's game went into double-overtime, but FSN never switched over to the Dawgs.

The bar was beginning to fill up, and everyone had pretty much the same reaction when they asked where the Husky game was. "WHAT! Aw FUCK!" We spent twenty minutes rooting for someone, anyone, to win the game, then started screaming at Maryland for fouling when they were clearly out of it.

When the game finally ended, did FSN go right to the game we'd been missing? No, they went to three minutes of commercials, an intro to the game, another minute of commercials, and finally, the game--which we'd missed 13 minutes of.

I called FSN to complain (425-641-0104). No one picked up. Obviously. I left a message.

In the end, we missed the most competitive part of the game. Almost as soon as FSN switched over, the Dawgs went to a zone--presumably to protect Jon Brockman, who picked up two early fouls. But the Cats kept hitting shots.

The Dawgs were hurt by poor shot selection at the end of the first half. They could've gone into the locker room within single digits, but both Quincy Pondexter and Justin Dentmon took contested shots early in possessions, giving the white-hot Wildcat shooters more chances to rip twine. The Dawgs ended up starting the second-half down 13 points, and they never got much closer than that.

Arizona ended up shooting 70% in the game. You won't win many--in fact, you won't win any--games when your opponent shoots that well. Part of it was poor rotation by the Dawgs, most of it was simply dead eye shooting.

Jarryd Bayless had 26 points, Chase Budinger had 25, the Huskies were toast.

Brockman had 24 points on 12-19 shooting.

Sun., Feb. 3rd, Puppy Bowl Party: The Super Bowl will also be shown

When:3pm (per Super Bowl tradition, pregame festivities will begin 72 hours before the official start time)

Why:We love puppies. There, we said it. We think they are adorable and we believe that other people do too. Happy? Also, people say the football game is kind of a big deal.
As an added bonus, we're moving the television into the living room on the main floor! The spiders are disappointed, but Saira is pumped.

What we will serve: Assorted snacks and beer.

What to bring:Traditional puppy bowl fare is beer, chips, dip, and pizza. Feel free to add to our selection, or bring some healthy alternative.

Whom to invite: Anyone who wanted to watch football with us, but is scared of our basement.

Whom to not invite: Tom Brady. Yes, he's dreamy, but he really should be at the game.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fri. Dec 14, The 7502 Fifties Office Holiday Party: A Bi-Annual Tradition

When: 9pm

What we will serve: Punch, Jello Salads, Martinis.

What to bring: Willingness to embrace the devil-may-care spirit of the 50s office party. And beer.

Why: Office holiday parties, once, were awesome. As evidenced in that classic movie "The Apartment." Now, thanks to sexual harassment ligitation, gender equality, and quite probably, the flouridation of water, the same parties are shells of their former selves. We will recapture the traditional office party. That means mistletoe, ribaldry, inappropriate use of carbon paper, and Jason calling every girl "toots." Also, it was really awesome in 2005.

What to wear: Whatever you want, but, for guys, a white shirt and a skinny tie would be nice. For girls, I guess those one piece dresses that women wore in the 50s? You'd know better than us.

Whom to invite: Anyone who has not been roped into their office holiday party.

Whom to not invite: The litigation-minded.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're Singing in the Rain

It's October, so the weather is getting really crappy...

Wait, what's that you say? It's still September? So all this horrible weather over the past few weeks came during the part of the year that's supposed to be nice? Son of a...

Anywho, David and Jason spent an enjoyable evening in Fremont with Sarah, Saira, and some grad-school types. Jason was really drunk and can't remember most of what he told people, but he is confident in his eloquence.

On Saturday, the boys "tailgated" in the basement for the UW-USC game. Someone should let the house know that there is nothing involved in hanging around in your basement with your laptop that could be called tailgating.

The Huskies put up a good show against USC, but a fumble and a dropped interception late in the game killed hopes of a miracle comeback. This season, like Seth's senior-year mission to "get lucky," is a story of "almost, but not quite."